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Book cover of There Are No Rules For This
5 Star Award from Reader's Favorite
Image by Annie Spratt

Best Book That Made You Cry
Best Book For Best Friends
Runner Up: Best Book That Made You Laugh

A tender, defiant, and uplifting novel about a life-affirming friendship among women and the journey to forgiving the ultimate betrayal: suicide.  

"A must read." - Katie Couric Media


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Katie Couric Media

"A must read."

Caro Burke

Associate Editor,

Katie Couric Media

"I'm always on the hunt for the next showstopper novel, and I definitely found it with There Are No Rules For This...what sounds like a depressing premise quickly becomes a hilarious and cathartic odyssey as the remaining women decide to hold their own funerals while they are still alive. (Yes, you will want to hold a "living funeral" after you read this book."

Laura Munson

NYT Bestselling Author and founder of Haven Writing Retreat

"If you have forgotten how deeply you need the ritual and rigor of dear friends, if you have let a friend go for far too long, if you need to belly-laugh and/or cry in a trusted friend's lap, and if you have said you are fine when you are really bleeding inside—this novel is for you."

Julie Barton

NYT Bestselling Author of

Dog Medicine: How My Dog Saved Me From Myself

"There are No Rules For This is an incredible homage to love, grief, and above all, the transcendent power of female friendship. It had me laughing out loud one minute and shedding tears the next. I haven’t read a novel this engaging in a very long time." 


Carinn Jade

Co-host of the Pop Fiction Women podcast 

"For a novel about funerals, this story is undeniably a celebration of life. These pages will make you laugh, make you rage, and make you cry, but at the end you will feel like you've made a new friend."

About the author


JJ ELLIOTT is an advertising copywriter with a degree in English from UCLA. She lost her mother to suicide as a teenager, and spent over two years volunteering on the suicide hotlines in LA. One of the reasons she wanted to write this book is because she finds herself increasingly frustrated by the way suicide is treated in print and on-screen, as a mystery to be solved rather than a multi-layered, complex mental health situation that can rarely be boiled down to one specific "reason."

A native of Northern California, JJ now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two teenage kids, and two poorly trained bulldogs. She loves to read, drink wine, play tennis, and eat cheese. There Are No Rules For This is her first novel.

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